Detail Notice : International Design Exchange Exhibition 2020

INDEF 2020 International Design Exchange Exhibition

Detail Notice : International Design Exchange Exhibition 2020


Smart Tourism’, à la ‘Tourism with Technology 

Submission due date 

November 15th, 2020.

Exhibition Date 

December 3th ~ December 6th, 2020.


Incheon, Korea (Online Virtual Exhibition Hall ) 


Fine arts and design fields from 2D to 3D; painting, sculpture, photography, architecture, landscape, multi-media, film, fashion, 

visual communication, industrial design, printmaking etc.



 Entries may be submitted by any institution, company, or individual involved in the creation or production of the work.


Many of the artwork files we receive require adjustment before they can be used for online gallery. 

Our guidelines are suggestions to help you avoid additional art charges and/or an extended turn around time.

Preferred Artwork Submission Method

Please provide digital files whenever possible and include a jpg image of your file for reference

All fonts should be converted to paths (outlines) Non-converted fonts may be replaced with a similar font, unless the font file is provided

Any raster images should be embedded or included separately

  Acceptable File Formats 

  • pdf (convert fonts)
  • eps
  • tiff
  • All images should be larger than ‘20cm x 20cm' and should be actual size, 300dpi)

      Digital format submissions only.

      Any medium for the digital format such as 3D, painting, drawing, and visual designs etc. can be taken as a photograph and fit an A1 size.

      Any video clip or film need to be larger than 1920 X 1080 dpi. and frame rate should be converted to 29.97 fps.

      Size : A2, JPEG 300dpi format

How to apply

1. Download the application forms

2. Go to webhard

3. Download program install

4. Log in ID: idfa2020 Password: Idfa2020

5. Look for a folder named, "INDEF International Artist"

6. Create a new folder with 'your full name',

7. Upload Application form, Consent of Personal Info, and Artwork files (300dpi)

         Submission Tips | Don't forget! 

         Include a .jpg or .pdf for reference

         Convert all fonts to paths (outlines)

         Include or embed all placed images (ex. .tiff files)

         Submit artwork at actual size